WHO CARES (I got a life I cannot stand) – Video Version
FRED FORSTER Jr. – feat. Gene Black
©&℗ 2019 F. Ferdinand Foerster – ffm productions

All photographs with courtesy of Leah Denbok…

Leah`s books: Nowhere to Call Home –
Photographs and Stories of People Experiencing Homelessness,
Volume One and Two…

Story: In 1993, on my first trip to LA, the faces and the empty gazes of the many homeless left a lasting impression on me. To this day I have not been able to forget these images.

Years later, in Miami, I had some personal contact with homeless people and learned dramatic details of their fates. The magnitude of this problem still leaves me speechless and in utter disbelief.

The number of homeless people world-wide is increasing alarmingly. Based on national reports, it is estimated that in 2017 no less than 150 million people were homeless. About 1.6 billion (1,600 million!) people may lack adequate housing. Give what you can, kind words, time, prayers, money, food, whatever, just don’t look away.

I often remember the story of a homeless man living in LA. He thought he was invisible because no one looked at him. Until a boy handed him a piece of paper one day. The man said: “What! You can see me? How can you see me? I`m invisible! “

Do as this boy did. Do something to respect each and every homeless person you encounter as a human being who feels pain and has emotions, just like you. Look them in the eye and respond with an, “I`m sorry, I don`t have any cash today,” or a simple, “God bless you. Take care” ***

As of June 2019, about 59,000 people* are living on the streets in LA County alone. No place shows its misery like in Skid Row. ” The existing system is partially Kafkaesque and creates more problems than it solves. We can`t go on like this!” ** Do not look away.

“Encountering the neediest people we see means acknowledging our shared humanity, including the pains and stresses that come with it. But in that moment of encounter, we create a moment of peace and comfort for the other, a simple act of love.” ***

No one chooses to be homeless. They become homeless. If you can please donate money or time to a local charity or any relief organization. Keep the homeless people in your heart. Thank you and God bless. Fred Forster Jr.

Story by Mary S. Applegate, Diane Doyle, Gene Black and Fred Forster Jr.

Composer: F. Ferdinand Foerster
Lyricist: F. Ferdinand Foerster, Mary Susan Applegate
Music Publisher: Copyright Control

Fred Forster Jr. – Vocals, Guitar, Programming,
Gene Black – Guitar, Slide Guitar, Bass
Ernst „The Stick“ Luksch – Drums
Franky „Null DB“ Kuehnlein – Guitar

* The Guardian…
** Nicolas Alekin, Lecture at California State University…
*** Andrew Mentock, Freelance writer and journalist…